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Want to travel to Paris for fashion experiences but don’t know how to organize a perfect schedule? The solution to this is in the concierge service. I offer a personalized, modern, practical and unforgettable service. Focusing on fashion experiences, the program will be planned according to your tastes and expectations.

I provide inspiring fashion experiences and new discoveries. The main difference, in relation to other services, is that the agenda is completely designed exclusively for each contractor.

As it is an adaptable service, the number of participants varies. The concierge service can be hired individually or for more people. Count on me!

The duration of the program is also private, adjusted according to the will and availability of each person. It can last a morning, an afternoon, an entire day, or many days.

As I work in fashion and have an audience attuned to the segment, when they hire me as a concierge, most activities are usually linked to the fashion world, including exhibitions in museums. But that doesn’t stop us from fitting activities in tourist spots or related to other themes in the script.

I also set up agendas completely focused on fashion, in the broadest sense, with visits to clothing, makeup, footwear, jewelry, accessories, and so on.

Concierge service is totally personalized and advantageous. It is for those who have never been to Paris and want to know the must-see spots. But it also serves those who have already come to the city and are back in search of new experiences, according to what they know they like.

It is for those who are going to travel to Paris and want to have an organized service. It encompasses the best tours, the newest ones. For those who want to know the news that do not appear in magazines or even in Google searches. These are news that only those who live in the city (me!) know.

The main advantage of having me as a concierge in Paris is that you won’t waste time organizing activities on the trip, as I can do it strategically, objectively and based on a lot of practice. The main thing is that you have a spectacular program, starting with planning.

The essential thing is to interpret each client’s desire for programming. After all, the most important thing is to make the person happy with their experiences in the French capital. I always consider the visitor to be on vacation. What I do is optimize the agenda, with valuable tips and opportunities.

When we think about an exhibition, for example, we need to know dates and times. With the concierge service, the tourist will not buy tickets for nothing or need to do extensive research; or think about the duration of each activity and even the locomotion from one place to another. With me, everything will be simplified; no more worries. I will take care of all the logistics. You will only enjoy the good part: living Paris.

How to hire the concierge service

To hire the Paris Fashion Concierge service, email [email protected]

The first step will be to let me know the date of your trip. Then, in conversation, you will explain to me what you like most about fashion, so that I can develop an adapted, tailored schedule.

For example, do you want to take a fashion history class at a reputable museum? Want to see one or several exhibitions? Want to go through fashionable neighborhoods and go shopping? Want to see stores that match your style and/or trending brands? Do you want to discover concept stores and/or department stores? Want a mix, starting with a museum and ending up in stores? Just tell me, and I’ll put together a unique and wonderful itinerary!

A good tip is to hire the concierge service in advance, as soon as you close your trip to Paris. In some seasons, especially during the Brazilian vacation period in July, during the French summer, my schedule tends to get tighter.

Valeria Doustaly
Founder Paris Style Week

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